Are you seeking inspiration for eco friendly merchandise for your clients, suppliers or team?

Explore our comprehensive range of eco friendly merchandise, consisting of over 2000 eco promotional products.  All specially selected to help you bring your brand to life, whilst promoting your sustainable message.


Whether you are local to us in Sussex, Surrey or Kent, or anywhere across the UK, we can help you find the perfect eco friendly merchandise for your business.


Show your appreciation for your clients, suppliers and team with memorable eco promotional products that not only express your gratitude, but also reflect your dedication to a greener future, which (hopefully) aligns  with their values too. 


Eco Friendly Merchandise Collection

Our diverse selection of eco friendly merchandise is suitable for every occasion. The majority of our eco promotional products can be personalised and branded to harmonise with your brand's aesthetics and messaging. 


Explore our wide variety of eco promotional products, including:


Gadgets and Technology




Desktop Garden Products



Stainless Steel Eco Friendly Merchandise

Do you know that stainless steel is a sustainable option for eco friendly merchandise?


Many people don’t.


Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and highly durable - meaning it can be reused repeatedly without losing its quality.


It's a great option if you fancy a change from bamboo as an eco-friendly material for your eco promotional products ... and it all helps reduce single-use plastic waste.


Products made from stainless steel:


- can withstand harsh conditions, resist corrosion and remain intact for years

- are non-toxic and safe, there is no leach of harmful chemicals into food or beverages


If you’d like to see some samples of eco friendly merchandise, let’s try and meet up if you are in Sussex, Surrey or Kent. Or let’s have a chat and we can post something to you wherever you are in the UK. (Please note that there is a charge for each sample.)


Why choose Eco Friendly Merchandise from us?

We are truly committed to eco friendly merchandise - hence having a range of over 2000 options that we continuously review and improve.


At Yes Promo Products we LOVE being given the challenge of providing you with:


- a select range of exciting eco friendly merchandise ideas that fit your business’ personality and occasion

- the perfect personalisation opportunity

- results that delight clients, suppliers and team members to provide a great ROI


From our base here in Sussex, we’ll investigate options for eco promotional products and get back to you with ideas to save you lots of time!


“The bags have just arrived and we are over the moon with them! The design looks brilliant, the colour is perfect and the size is just right for what we need! Thank you so much again for everything you have done (and for your patience while we made our decisions!).”

Doody Stephens, Gilbert & Cleveland, West Sussex Estate Agents


We help businesses, schools, charities and sports clubs find affordable, quality eco friendly merchandise that give you more awareness, more leads, more referrals and more loyalty, more often!


By opting for our eco friendly merchandise you will be helping to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and mitigate climate change - your small change can contribute to us all making a huge impact.


Let's Have A Chat!

Eco friendly merchandise isn't just a trend, it's a movement that speaks to conscious consumers and responsible brands alike. Let us be your partner in embracing sustainability while showcasing your brand's identity. 


Please do get in touch with our friendly team in East Sussex who will always be keen to provide you with their full support and help you find the perfect eco promotional products for your brand.


Shirley is often in Brighton, Sussex, Kent and Surrey - so perhaps you can catch up for a chat about eco promotional products? Or we can jump on a Zoom call to discuss how eco friendly merchandise could help your brand.


Find out more about us.



I have been using Yes Promo Products for a number of years now and Shirley has always provided top quality products, within budget and always on time - despite us often ordering last minute! As a small charity, Sussex Cancer Fund has to rely on our suppliers to suggest the most cost efficient options, Shirley's attention to detail and creative thinking means they always deliver what is best for us.

Jo Godden, Sussex Cancer Fund, Brighton, Sussex



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